Digital Oil Field

Portion of oil well production cognitive map with 12 low flow situations. CRex’s situational AI automatically analyzes field sensor data and lab test results to determine the probabilities of each potential root cause, issuing prioritized recommendations for additional field or lab testing with explanations. and list. Below, the CRex Bayesian situational assessor analyzing oil well production to identify root causes of low flow.

Traditionally, when an underperforming well is detected, identifying the root cause required a highly experienced subject matter expert to sift through historical data and field test results to diagnose the problem.

CRex helps solve these challenges by enabling oil field operators to:

  • Identify emerging operational issues and explain the root cause of developing situations
  • Enable rapid diagnosis and repair of declining production at natural flow oil wells
  • Recommend appropriate corrective actions of the most likely root-cause
  • Project future impacts and recommends a course of action
  • Complement existing production control systems with goal-driven XAI