Take control of your enterprise AI roadmap

CRex provides a unified platform to create and manage explainable AI (XAI) applications to support virtually any use case. Implement a holistic AI strategy using a consistent technology and methodology, starting with a single use case and expanding across the enterprise. Our unique pay-as-you-use subscription model ensures that your AI investment is tied to the value you receive.

Achieve goals with situational reasoning

CRex’s Cognitive Mapping enables non-technical decision-makers to build and manage applications tailored to their specific goals and situations. Manage risk and uncertainty with proven AI methods, such as Bayesian networks and causal models, to assess the probabilities of emerging situations that can impact your business goals and recommend the best courses of action.

Democratize AI with self-service control

Complex AI point solutions that require scarce data scientists and expensive IT resources have low potential to digitally transform your enterprise. As a self-service, low-code platform, CRex enables applications to be built with limited programming resources and managed by decision-makers with no AI expertise—delivering ROI at each step.

XAI for built-in explainability

Providing clear explanations to support recommendations is essential for effective AI. Unlike opaque “black box” algorithms, CRex identifies the situations that managers know are impactful and proactively alerts decision-makers as to the likelihood of their occurrence, and suggests remedial actions accompanied by causal explanations. This creates the trust and confidence required for mission-critical decisions.



“We believe AI should be as pervasive as spreadsheets and other non-technical business tools. CRex makes that a reality.”

–Kim Mayyasi, HMX CEO