Experience meets innovation

HMX, formerly SmartCloud, was founded in 2009 by industry executives who are veterans of AI’s earliest days. Our patented CRexTM platform is used in a variety of industrial-grade solutions to improve decision management in complex environments. Built with XAI as a core principle, it offers important advantages over “black box” AI applications with opaque algorithms. CRex never leaves decision-makers in the dark.

Devoted to democratizing AI

HMX believes XAI should be proliferated throughout the enterprise, not restricted to data scientists and IT specialists. Our low-code solutions enable non-technical users to derive value rapidly. This enables organizations to implement a coherent AI strategy to digitally transform the enterprise.

One AI partner, many applications

Our CRex platform-as-a-service delivers measurable business value to companies of all sizes, across multiple industries. It is used by industrial and governmental organizations for a wide range of use cases, including power grid control, pipeline risk mitigation, tax fraud detection, water grid optimization, and supply chain management, with new applications added continually.