Count on our decades of experience

HMX is led by veterans from the early days of AI. We’ve built mission-critical AI applications ranging from space shuttle missions to optimizing the world’s largest auto manufacturing plants to supervising global supply chains, and real-time monitoring of the North American electric power grid. This expertise powers every HMX solution, using a proven methodology to ensure rapid development and quantifiable success.

Supercharge decision-makers with explainable AI

Our CRexTM platform enhances decision-making by providing insights and recommendations with explanations that are easily understood, addressing the lack of trust when using “black box” algorithms. CRex’s XAI capabilities partner with your experts, augmenting their expertise with machine learning to accelerate achievement of business goals.

Achieve business and operational goals

We built our CRex platform with goal-driven reasoning, always looking for and anticipating situations that impact enterprise goals and recommending the best course of action. Clear explanations give decision-makers the insight to act with confidence.

Democratize AI across the enterprise with self-service

HMX believes AI should be accessible to all business and operations managers, not just data scientists and IT professionals. CRex empowers decision-makers with self-service capability and a graphical UI so they can build and manage personalized solutions that deliver maximum value.

Unlock the power of your enterprise data

Machine learning projects usually require large data fusion initiatives that involve multiple stakeholders and consolidation of data from siloed platforms. This often leads to lengthy implementations with uncertain success and payback. HMX uses a process that pinpoints the specific information needed to assess impactful situations and select actions that achieve enterprise goals. This reduces the data acquisition and fusion effort by as much as 10-fold, enabling faster, more effective solutions.